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25yr Old Mom Ditches Kids to Sleep w/ 13yr old neighbor

In a headline that just screams, “Mother of the Year,” 25 year old Amanda Nabers left her two young kids alone at home to get some steamy action from her 13 year old neighbor.

According to an arrest affidavit reported in the San Antonio Express-News, Amanda Ann Nabers confessed to getting way too neighborly with the boy four or five times beginning in February.
She also reportedly told police that prior to the first sexual episode, she popped Xanax, smoked weed and knocked back a few cans of Four Loko.

[source: jezebel]



Woman vs. Bear

It’s not everyday that we can equate a woman’s craziness with awesomeness, especially with the recent spate of updates we’ve had. However, as a site that calls women out on their ridiculous behavior, we would also like to commend women when their crazy behavior actually pays off.

Brooke Collins of Juneau, Alaska was crazy enough to punch a mother-effing bear in the mother-effing nose to save her puppy, Fudge, from being bear chow! [Editor’s note: Pet-owners of the world, please do not attempt this at home!] Really puts the whole protective-mama-bear thing into perspective huh?

“That bear was carrying her like a salmon,” she said.

She said she almost instinctively went up and did the first thing she thought of. She punched the bear’s face and scooped away her dog when it let go.

Holy. Shit. Now, how many women out there can honestly say they’ve scared off a bear and lived to tell the tale?

[source: gawker & juneau empire]

Vicious Girl Fight Takes Over Entire NYC Subway Car

So, I thought the subway fight from last month was pretty bad. I was wrong. THIS is so much worse.

I never thought I’d ever see MMA-style fighting on the floor of a subway train. Click on the source to check it out. It’s pretty effing intense. It’s also absolutely horrifying. Ladies, seriously, there is no reason for you to be conducting yourselves like this in public.

[source: gawker (video); dailymail (news, pics)]

How To Rob A Bank

Apparently, if you’re this woman in Alabama, you just draw a beard on your face!

“Tuscaloosa Police responded to the scene where they were told a woman with a “drawn-on” beard attempting to look like a man entered the bank and stated she had a bomb while demanding money after placing the device on the counter.”


Mom Lets Child in Stroller Roll Out of Train So She Can Fight

The title is pretty self explanatory. So, I’m just going to direct you to the actual video and link you guys to where I found this.

This is some pretty crazy stuff.

Penis! Penis! Penis!

A week old but no less crazy: Archie Comics Sues Its Female CEO For Bullying And Sexual Harassment

“The suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court last Thursday, says Nancy Silberkleit barged into a meeting in 2009 and “pointed to each [attendee] and said, ‘Penis! Penis! Penis! Penis!’ and then walked out.”

Image credit: Unintentionally Sexual Archie Comics Gallery


Man’s Worst Nightmare?

Lifted this ridonkulous piece of news from KTLA today, “Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Penis, Tosses It In Garbage Disposal.”

“Investigators say the couple was married, but going through a divorce. The initial investigation determined that Becker made dinner for her husband. He told detectives that he thought there was something wrong with his food. He went to lie down and woke up tied to his bed. His wife then grabbed the victim’s penis and cut it off. She called 911 and told responding officers that he ‘deserved it.'”


Got PMS, Get Milk Campaign

The NYTimes just did a feature on an ad campaign that uses PMS to sell milk: read me here!
* A little bit of context- some people believe that milk can alleviate certain symptoms of PMS.

Pretty funny stuff (and I speak for myself not for the other women who might not find this sort of thing amusing). The campaign website is here, Everything I Do Is Wrong, and it is like a dashboard for PMS management.

As a (proud) member of the female gender I can attest to two things:

  1. PMS is real
  2. It’ll turn even the sanest, sweetest, most angelic woman batshit insane (you try bleeding for around 5 days a month!)

I know it’s a poor excuse to act like a total bitch but seriously, TRUST ME when I say, do not fuck around when women’s hormones are involved.

Bitches be crazy when that crimson tide is running high.