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Girls on their period

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Stop. Breathing.

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Women’s Legal Rights

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I Not Has PMS

“yes, dear.”

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Moodswings… Available Every 10 Minutes!

“emotional shitstorm” sounds more apt but that’s just semantics. :)

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The Hormone Guide

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it’s that time of the month

it's that time of the month

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Got PMS, Get Milk Campaign

The NYTimes just did a feature on an ad campaign that uses PMS to sell milk: read me here!
* A little bit of context- some people believe that milk can alleviate certain symptoms of PMS.

Pretty funny stuff (and I speak for myself not for the other women who might not find this sort of thing amusing). The campaign website is here, Everything I Do Is Wrong, and it is like a dashboard for PMS management.

As a (proud) member of the female gender I can attest to two things:

  1. PMS is real
  2. It’ll turn even the sanest, sweetest, most angelic woman batshit insane (you try bleeding for around 5 days a month!)

I know it’s a poor excuse to act like a total bitch but seriously, TRUST ME when I say, do not fuck around when women’s hormones are involved.

Bitches be crazy when that crimson tide is running high.